Why Be a TMAC Volunteer?


Today, more than 50 TMAC members give their time and talents to ensure your membership in TMAC provides you good value, great networking, lasting contacts and a true sense of community. Even if you only have an hour a month to spare, why not join a committee and experience what being a TMAC volunteer can give back to you.

  • heightened visibility in TMAC and in the travel industry in general
  • a fast track to meeting new people and building new contacts from across the country
  • the opportunity to develop new skills
  • participation in building a stronger TMAC
  • contribution to the future vision of TMAC
  • satisfaction of giving back

Click here for a brief description of the committees that help drive TMAC to be the pre-eminent Canadian travel association that it is. We encourage you to peruse the roles of each one and see where you might be a good fit.

Every one of the following committees welcomes your volunteer contribution.

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  Media Membership
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  Professional Development
  Social Media