TMAC Executive Director
Job Description

The position of Executive Director for the Travel Media Association of Canada (TMAC) will be responsible for the following:
To oversee all aspects of Membership, Finance and Administration, Delivery of an Annual Conference and Awards Program, and Marketing & Sponsorship of which such duties are set out more fully below.

Membership Management
Facilitate all aspects of membership administration including:

  • Receipt of membership applications and timely distribution to membership committees for approval.
  • Collection of membership renewals and dues, media membership press cards and optional industry ID cards. 
  • Maintain TMAC membership database and provide updated lists to Chapter Chairs on a monthly basis.
  • Respond to enquiries from National Board, National Committee Chairs, Provincial Chapter Chairs, members, sponsors, stakeholders and suppliers in a professional and timely manner.
  • Coordinate and oversee distribution of AGM package, including the annual report. 
  • Explore and propose new TMAC membership categories that reflect the changes in the travel industry and the emergence of social media
  • Develop initiatives and strategies to help grow TMAC membership base - both media and industry - using May 2017 numbers as a benchmark. 


Membership Communication

  • Produce bi-monthly TMAC newsletter, TMAC Travels, from copy supplied by newsletter editor; distribute final approved version to membership and post on TMAC website.
  • Distribute paid news releases electronically to TMAC membership as required. 


Administration (General)
Oversee all financial responsibilities in collaboration with bookkeeper to:

  • Process membership fees and follow up with overdue accounts
  • Process cheques, oversee bookkeeping duties.
  • Provide Treasurer with monthly statements and a detailed quarterly financial report. 
  • Prepare TMAC books for annual financial audit, liaise with auditor to provide all information requested and make all adjustments suggested by the auditor. 
  • Ensure TMAC meets responsibilities required by the Canada Corporations Act, including annual filings. 
  • Ensure TMAC has necessary liability and indemnification insurance for the Board and association. 
  • Change the signing officers of the TMAC account to reflect new signing officers and ensure that the organization has a banking and signing policy in place and it is updated as required.


Administration (with TMAC Board of Directors):

  • Organize monthly board conference calls
  • Post Board packages to TMAC website in advance of each meeting including financial statements, agenda and supporting material. Financials are to be provided to the Treasurer; agenda and supporting materials will come from the Secretary. 
  • Attend and record all Board meetings and convey notes to the Secretary within seven days of each meeting. 
  • Review and develop where necessary draft policy and procedures that will support TMAC’s operations and structure.
  • Review and propose any changes to TMAC’s bylaws   
  • Oversee and administer the reimbursement of all TMAC related expenses to national board and association members
  • Organize and facilitate strategic planning sessions as directed by the national board 


Conference Management
Oversee the development and execution of the annual conference that includes:

  • Facilitate the execution of the annual conference under the leadership of the Conference Planning Committee (CPC). 
  • Support CPC in the solicitation of host proposals and visit prospective sites. Send announcement of selected host destination and conference dates to TMAC members.
  • Prepare conference budget in collaboration with the TMAC Treasurer and CPC. 
  • Ensure conference payments and invoices are dealt with in a timely fashion. 
  • Submit final report to Board including revenue and expense overview, sponsorship and final registration summary by membership type, including provincial breakdown and comparison to previous conferences. 
  • Work with Sponsorship Committee to communicate opportunities to industry and liaise with sponsors, as required on behalf of Sponsorship Committee
  • Liaise with contracted registration service provider (TBD) to ensure efficient registration, media marketplace appointments and all other necessary components required. Maintain and update registrations as required. Ensure that the registration service provider has the capabilities of producing name tags, delegate kits (if required), media marketplace appointment schedule distribution
  • Manage delegate requirements: 
  • Coordinate and confirm conference venue and room blocks. 
  • Prepare in conjunction with CPC and PD Committee a detailed review of conference programming and activities with TMAC Board of Directors. 
  • Assist in procurement and distribution of gifting for hosts and sponsors, if required. 
  • Manage all issues that may arise onsite around elements such as transportation, sponsorship, host destination, offsite venues and registration. Arrive 24-48 hours in advance and be on call 24/7 during the event. 
  • Support TMAC Board of Directors in the preparation and facilitation of the AGM and ensure all necessary voting materials are printed and distributed in proper quantity and in a timely manner. 
  • Follow up immediately with distribution of conference survey to all delegates, develop report and provide overview of all feedback to Board of Directors and CPC. 


TMAC Awards (held during conference)

  • Distribute communications for TMAC Awards, including reminders and updates. 
  • Receive and record all awards entries and distribute to judges as directed by Awards Committee. 
  • Follow up with incomplete submissions.
  • Prepare a report of submission for Awards Chair to track progress.
  • Prepare awards package for judging including instructions, letters, evaluation forms, etc. 
  • Follow up with judges to ensure efficient scoring. 
  • Participate in awards planning meetings. 
  • Facilitate judge’s meeting to review winners and runner up lists. Provide report to Awards Committee for communication to pertinent recipients including sponsors.
  • Oversee judging process.
  • Coordinate payment of judges. 
  • Facilitate award ceremony
  • Prepare certificates for winners. 
  • Work with Awards Committee to coordinate and arrange awards presentation including power point, MC selection, signage and onsite supplies.
  • Confirm award winner attendance. 
  • Ensure winners are posted on website and communicate winners in a press release post conference.
  • Prepare awards report for Awards Committee and TMAC Board of Directors and in addition, provide the TMAC Board of Directors with any recommendations that come from the 2017 Conference Survey.   


TMAC Website

  • Finalize development of new TMAC website by October 1, 2017
  • Launch new TMAC website to membership on or before December 31, 2017
  • Manage and oversee all aspects of the TMAC website ensuring information is current as it pertains to all aspects of the organization including communication pieces, Board packages and annual conference updates and registration.
  • Liaise with web developer, as required, to ensure changes to TMAC website are made accurately and expeditiously.
  • Manage the TMAC website within parameters of annual operating budget


Marketing and Sponsorship

  • Develop marketing initiatives and strategies to help build the TMAC name and brand in the Canadian travel marketplace
  • Help position TMAC as the leading industry voice in the Canadian travel marketplace
  • Develop sponsorship programs to retain existing sponsors and attract new sponsors to TMAC


TMAC Industry Representation

  • As Executive Director, represent TMAC at other travel conferences where appropriate or as directed by the board of directors (e.g. Go Media, etc.)
  • As Executive Director, attend chapter meetings and M&M's as required or as directed by the board of directors
  • As Executive Director, serve as TMAC's industry representative